Chitarra Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK Test, Confronto e Recensioni

Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK

Solar Guitars

Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK

Le caratteristiche della chitarra elettrica Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK :

Body: Mahogany
Top: Flamed maple veneer
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Ebony
Neck attachment: Set-in
Neck profile: C-Shape
Inlay: Solar Logo on the 12th fret
Frets: 22 Jumbo
Nut width: 43 mm (1.69″)
Scale: 686 mm (27″)
Fretboard radius: 350 mm (13.78″)
Pickups: Duncan Solar (bridge) – Duncan Solar (neck)
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone (Push/Pull)
Switch: 3-Way toggle
Bridge: Tom fixed bridge
Hardware finish: Black
Machine heads: Solar 18:1
Colour: Flame Black Burst Matte
Includes a gig bag

Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK

In catalogo dal  Settembre 2021

Numero di articolo  508866

Unitá incluse  1 Pezzo

Colour  Black

Body  Mahogany

Top  Maple

Neck  Maple

Fretboard  Ebony

Frets  22

Scale  686 mm

Pickup System  HH

Tremolo  No

Incl. Case  No

Incl. Gigbag  Yes


Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK




Come trovare la tua chitarra elettrica? (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

Attraverso il suo peso ridotto, la chitarra elettrica è ideale per tutti i chitarristi.

Per scegliere quella che fa al caso tuo, ci sono alcuni criteri che devono essere presi in considerazione dal chitarrista. Questi includono:

  • il numero di corde
  • le tecniche di fissaggio al corpo
  • il manico
  • il legno
  • i cassetti
  • i pickup

I metodi di fissaggio del manico alla chitarra (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

Il modo in cui il manico è fissato al corpo della chitarra ha un ruolo importante nel suono dello strumento. Ci sono tre pratiche principali di fissaggio al corpo:

  • fissaggio incollato o set neck < li > manico attraverso < li > manico avvitato noto come bolt-on neck < h3 > Il manico incollato della chitarra elettrica L’assemblaggio viene effettuato tramite una giunzione a maschio e femmina. Introdotto da Gibson, poi PRS, favorisce la sostenibilità e il vibrato.

    The Neck-Thru Neck (neck-thru)

    This practice is the most expensive.

    The neck goes through the electric guitar and is an integral part of the body.
    Therefore, it ensures perfect propagation of vibrations.

    The Bolt-On Neck

    Originally used by Fender, this procedure creates kit musical instruments which can have several replaceable parts.

    This fastening technique gives brightness to the electric guitar.

    I criteri del manico della chitarra elettrica (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

    The size of a neck may vary depending on the instrument.

    Although the difference may not be so noticeable, an impact on string playing is noticeable.

    A longer neck

    If the guitar neck is longer, like that of an Ibanez or a Strat, the strings’ vibration intensifies and the string tension increases.

    A short scale length

    With less tension and more flexibility in the strings, playing becomes easier, as in the case of Les Paul guitars.

    The scale length of an electric guitar

    The scale represents the distance between bridge and nut where strings vibrate. This size affects both sound and playability.

    Indeed, a smaller scale will feel more flexible.
    The two most common scales are Fender Stratocaster with 25.50″ and Gibson with 24.75 inches.

    How many strings for my electric guitar? (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

    Electric guitar strings are made of steel or nickel.
    Musicians play them using a pick to avoid hand pain.

    The 7-string guitar

    The 7-string electric guitar is a type of guitar for metal players. There are also types of Jazz electric guitars with seven strings.

    The strings on these guitars are similar to those on 6-string electric guitars but have an additional string with a different note.

    The 12-string guitar

    The 12-string electric guitar was widely used by folk music groups in the sixties. The vibrations are much warmer. It has the same tuning as a 6-string electric guitar, but all strings are doubled.

    The 6-string guitar

    This 6-string guitar has three bass strings and three treble strings.

    What kind of pickup? (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

    When buying an electric guitar, it is also suggested to pay attention to the pickups.
    Pickups differ based on their winding.
    You can easily distinguish between:

    • A guitar with single coil and humbucker pickups.
    • An electric guitar with a humbucker pickup, such as Gibson, provides higher output volume.
    • An electric guitar with a single coil pickup, like the Fender Telecaster, is more suitable for rock, blues, and country music.

    The woods of electric guitars (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

    The woods used by most luthiers will change the sound and resonance of the guitar. Regarding the neck, the most common woods on the market are maple and mahogany.

    For the fingerboard, there are generally:

    • rosewood
    • ebony < li > maple Changing wood can sometimes easily change the sound of an electric guitar. Here are two of the most common wood species:


      This dark wood, with admirable density and hardness, is used for making the fingerboard of guitars.


      It provides a rather round, deep sound with good sustain to the guitar.

      The bodies (Solar Guitars E2.6FBB-27 Baritone Flame BK)

      The type of resonance body has an impact on the sound of the guitar.

      Semi-hollow body

      It combines the advantages of both solid and hollow bodies. It provides a sound similar to that of an acoustic guitar with a lower frequency and more discernible midrange.
      Therefore, it is ideal for learning guitar with a small amp.

      Solid body

      It is easy to handle due to its lightweight body.
      This type of guitar is used for rock music.

      Hollow body

      Guitars with hollow bodies are mainly used for jazz music. This type of body offers ideal sounds for electro-acoustic guitars.
      It is ideal for beginner guitarists.
      The sound resonates more.