Recensione e Test Chitarra Elettrica Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag


Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag

Le caratteristiche della chitarra Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag :

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Red
Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag BK

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag

In catalogo dal  Marzo 2022

Numero di articolo  539810

Unitá incluse  1 Pezzo

Colour  Red

Body  Mahogany

Top  Maple

Neck  Mahogany

Fretboard  Indian Laurel

Frets  22

Scale  629 mm

Pickups  HH


Incl. Case  No

Incl. Gigbag  Yes


Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag




Come selezionare una chitarra elettrica? (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

A causa del suo peso ridotto, la chitarra elettrica è adatta a tutti i chitarristi.

È adatta a numerosi stili musicali come:

  • il funk
  • il jazz
  • il blues
  • il rock
  • il metallo

Per scegliere quella giusta, il musicista deve considerare diversi criteri.

Saranno ad esempio:

  • le tecniche di collegamento al corpo
  • illegno < li > il microfono < li > il numero di corde < li > le casse < li > il manico < h2 > Le pratiche di collegamento al corpo (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

    The method by which the neck is attached to the body of the guitar has a significant impact on the instrument’s sound. In fact, there are three main methods of body attachment:  

    • The conductor neck
    • ,  
    • The bolt-on neck ,  
    • The glued neck / set neck < h3 > The conductor guitar neck or neck-thru This method is the most expensive. The neck goes through the electric guitar and is fully part of the body. Thanks to this, it ensures perfect transmission of vibrations.  

      The bolt-on neck or bolt-on neck This approach was originally used by Fender and creates guitars in kit form, which means that multiple parts can be changed. This attachment approach brings a certain brilliance to the guitar.  

      The glued neck (set neck) The attachment is made using a mortise and tenon joint. Made famous by Gibson, then PRS, it enhances sustain and vibrato.

      The electric guitar neck (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

      The length of a neck can vary depending on the instrument. Even if the difference is not so distinctive, an effect on the strings can be discerned.  

      A long neckWhen the guitar neck is longer, like that of the Stratocaster or an Ibanez, the tension of the strings increases and their vibration intensifies.  

      A short neckWith less tension and more flexibility in the strings, playing becomes easier, as is the case with Les Paul guitars.  

      The scale length of the electric guitar The scale represents the distance of string vibration between nut and bridge. In fact, a reduced scale will seem softer to you. The two reference scales are Gibson’s 24.75 inches and Fender Strat’s 25.50 inches.

      Electric guitar bodies (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

      The type of resonant body has an effect on the sound of the guitar.

      Solid bodyIts handling is accessible due to its thin body.

      This type of guitar is mainly used for rock music.

      Semi-hollow bodyIt combines the advantages of both solid and hollow bodies. It works very well with a small amplifier.

      Hollow bodyHollow bodies are particularly suitable for jazz music.
      This kind of guitar is great for novice guitarists.
      The sound resonates better. It is more woody.

      What style of pickup? (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

      When buying a guitar, it is recommended to consider the pickups.
      Pickups differ in terms of their winding. You can differentiate between:  

      • An electric guitar with a double coil pickup, like Gibson, offers a higher output volume.
      • An electric guitar with a single coil pickup, such as the Fender Telecaster, is more suitable for rock, country or blues.
      • A guitar with both single and double coil pickups. < h2 > Woods used on electric guitars (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

        The woods used by many luthiers affect the sound and resonance of the guitar. Regarding the neck, the most common woods on the market are maple and mahogany.
        Regarding the fingerboard, there are usually:  

        • Rosewood
        • ,  
        • Ebony ,  
        • Maple

        . Changing the wood can easily change the sound effects of the guitar. Here are two of the most common woods:  

        MahoganyIt offers a deep sound, rather round with strong sustain.  

        RosewoodThis dark wood, with greater density and hardness, is used for making electric guitar fingerboards and provides a rather warm resonance.

        The number of strings for an electric guitar? (Epiphone Les Paul Studio Wine Re w/Bag)

        Electric guitar strings are made of steel or nickel.
        These differ from nylon strings. Guitarists play using a pick to avoid hurting their hands.

        The 6-string guitarThe six-string guitar has three bass strings and 3 treble strings.

        The 7-string electric guitarA 7-string guitar is a type of guitar for metal musicians. The strings on these models are similar to those on a 6-string electric guitar, but they have an additional string which produces a lower note.

        The 12-string electric guitarThe 12-string electric guitar was particularly used by some folk orchestras in the sixties. In addition, the vibrations are warmer and more rhythmic. It has the same tuning as a 6-string guitar, except.