Recensione e Test della chitarra elettrica Larry Carlton T7 FR

Larry Carlton T7 FR

Larry Carlton

Larry Carlton T7 FR

Le caratteristiche della chitarra elettrica Larry Carlton T7 FR :

Body: Alder
Bolted neck: Roasted Maple
Fretboard: Roasted Maple
Neck profile: C-Shape
Fretboard inlays: Abalone Dots
Fretboard radius: 241 mm
Bone nut
Nut width: 42 mm
Scale length: 648 mm
22 Medium jumbo frets
Pickups: 2 T7 single coils
Volume and tone controls
3-Way switch
Pickguard: Ivory Pearl
Bridge: T7 Vintage T-Style (Brass Saddles)
Machine heads: Sire Premium locking machine heads
Chrome hardware
Colour: Fiesta Red

Larry Carlton T7 FR

In catalogo dal  Agosto 2021

Numero di articolo  512952

Unitá incluse  1 Pezzo

Colour  Fiesta Red

Pickups  SS

Fretboard  Maple


Body  Alder


Neck  Maple

Frets  22

Scale  648 mm

Incl. Case  No

Incl. Bag  No


Larry Carlton T7 FR




Come scegliere la tua chitarra elettrica (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

A causa del suo peso relativamente leggero, la chitarra elettrica è adatta a tutti i chitarristi. È perfetta per molti stili musicali come:

  • il metallo
  • il rock
  • il jazz
  • la funk
  • il blues

Per scegliere quella giusta per te, ci sono diversi criteri che il musicista deve considerare.

Sono ad esempio:

  • le tecniche di collegamento al corpo
  • i corpi
  • i pickup
  • imateriale del corpo,,,,,.
    Pour choisir celle qu’il vous faudra, plusieurs critères se doivent d’être pris en compte par le musicien.

    Ils comprennent notamment :

    I corpi (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    The type of body has an impact on the sound of the guitar.

    The solid body

    The very first solid body guitar was created in the 1950s.
    This type of guitar is easy to handle due to its lightweight body.

    Hollow body

    The hollow body is mainly used for jazz music. It produces a more resonant sound.

    Semi-hollow body

    Il manico della chitarra (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    The size of a guitar neck varies depending on the instrument.
    Although the difference may not be so noticeable, it affects the playability and the strings.

    Scale length of an electric guitar

    The scale length is the vibrating distance of the strings between the nut and the bridge.
    This length affects both the sound and playability.

    A shorter scale length will feel more flexible to you.

    A short-scale electric guitar

    The strings, being less tense and more flexible, make playing easier, as in the case of Les Paul guitars.

    A long neck

    When a guitar neck is longer, like that of a Strat or an Ibanez, it intensifies their vibration and increases string tension.

    Quale modello di pickup per la chitarra (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    To buy an electric guitar, it is suggested to refer to pickups.
    Pickups differ based on their winding. It is then easy to differentiate between:

    • Guitars with a single-coil pickup.
    • Guitars with both single-coil and humbucker pickups.
    • Guitars with humbucker pickups, such as Gibson guitars, deliver higher output volume.

    I principali legni delle chitarre elettriche (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    The woods chosen by professional luthiers determine the resonance and sound of the guitar.
    For the neck, the most common woods are mahogany and maple.

    For the fingerboard, ebony, rosewood, and maple are frequently used.
    The choice of wood can change the sound of an electric guitar. Here are two widely used wood species:


    This dark wood, with good density and hardness, is chosen for making fingerboards. It provides a fairly warm resonance.


    It produces a deep, round sound with strong sustain.

    How many strings for my electric guitar? (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    Electric guitar strings are made of steel or nickel.

    Musicians use a pick to avoid finger pain.

    Six-string electric guitar

    This 6-string electric guitar has three bass strings and three treble strings.

    Twelve-string guitar

    The 12-string guitar was relatively popular among some folk music groups in the 1960s. The vibrations are warmer and more rhythmic.

    Seven-string guitar

    This 7-string electric guitar is a type of guitar for metal players. Additionally, there are models of jazz electric guitars in this category.

    The strings on these instruments are similar to those on a six-string electric guitar but have an additional lower-pitched string.

    I metodi di fissaggio del manico alla chitarra elettrica (Larry Carlton T7 FR)

    The way the neck is attached to the body of the guitar plays an important role in its sound. In practice, there are three essential techniques for attaching the neck to the body:

    • Bolt-on neck
    • Set neck
    • Neck-thru

    The set neck

    The assembly is done using a mortise and tenon joint. Made famous by Gibson, and later by PRS, it enhances sustain and vibrato.

    The neck-thru

    This method is the most expensive.

    However, it offers great value for money.
    The neck runs through the entire guitar body and is an integral part of it.
    This ensures optimal vibration transfer.

    The bolt-on neck

    Initially used by Fender, this attachment method allows for modular instruments with replaceable parts. This attachment method gives brightness to the guitar.