Test e Recensione Chitarra Solar Guitars A2.6C G2

Solar Guitars A2.6C G2

Solar Guitars

Solar Guitars A2.6C G2

Le caratteristiche della chitarra Solar Guitars :

Body: Mahogany
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Neck profile: C
Scale: 647 mm
Nut width: 43 mm
Graphite nut
24 Super Jumbo frets
Pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan Solar humbuckers
Machine heads: Solar with 18:1 gear ratio
Colour: Carbon Black Matte

Solar Guitars A2.6C G2

In catalogo dal  Maggio 2019

Numero di articolo  452283

Unitá incluse  1 Pezzo

Shape  ST-Style

Colour  Black

Soundboard  Mahogany


Neck  Maple

Fretboard  Ebony

Frets  24

Scale  647 mm

Pickups  HH

Active Pickups  No


Incl. Case  No

Solar Guitars A2.6C G2




Quante corde per la chitarra? (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

Le corde della chitarra elettrica sono fatte di acciaio o nickel.
Queste si distinguono dalle corde in nylon.
I musicisti suonano con un plettro per evitare di avere dolore alle mani.

La chitarra a 12 corde

La chitarra elettrica a 12 corde è stata abbastanza utilizzata da alcuni gruppi di Folk negli anni ’60. Inoltre, le vibrazioni sono più calde e ritmiche.

Ha lo stesso accordaggio di una chitarra elettrica a 6 corde, tranne che.

La chitarra elettrica a sette corde

La chitarra elettrica a sette corde è un tipo di chitarra per il chitarrista metallico. Le corde di questi strumenti musicali sono simili a quelle delle chitarre elettriche a 6 corde. Ma hanno una corda aggiuntiva che ha una nota più bassa.

Chitarra elettrica a sei corde

Una chitarra a 6 corde ha tre corde gravi e tre acuti.

I metodi di giunzione al corpo (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

The method by which the neck is attached to the body of the electric guitar plays a significant role in the sound of the instrument. In fact, there are three essential methods of joining the guitar body, which are:

  • the neck-through
  • the bolt-on neck
  • the set neck

The set neck

Made famous by Gibson and then PRS, it enhances sustain and vibrato.

The bolt-on neck

Initially used by Fender, this method offers electric guitars in kit form, which provides different parts that can be changed.

This attachment method gives brightness to the electric guitar.

The neck-through

This approach remains the most expensive.

However, the quality-price ratio is consistently present. The neck goes from one end to the other of the electric guitar and is an integral part of the body.
Thanks to this, it offers perfect propagation of vibrations.

Quale modello di pickup (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

In order to choose an electric guitar, it is suggested to pay attention to pickups.

Pickups differ based on their winding. It will be possible to differentiate between:

  • Guitars with single coil and humbucker pickups.
  • Guitars with a humbucker pickup, like Gibson, provide a higher output volume.
  • Guitars with a single coil pickup, like Fender Telecaster, are more suitable for country, rock and blues.

I principali legni delle chitarre elettriche (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

The woods used by many luthiers will determine the resonance and sound of the guitar. Regarding the neck, maple and mahogany are the most common woods on the market.

As for the fingerboard, we can usually find:

  • rosewood
  • ebony
  • maple

The change in wood type can potentially easily change the sound effects. Here are the two most well-known woods:


It gives a round, deep sound with good sustain.


This dark wood, with unmatched hardness and density, is chosen for the construction of the fingerboard.

Guitar bodies (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

The type of resonant body has an impact on the sound of the guitar.

Hollow body

Guitars with hollow bodies are particularly used for jazz music style.

This type of body offers ideal sounds for acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars.
It is perfect for beginner guitarists.

It is much cleaner and woody.

Solid body

The very first solid-body guitar was created in the 1950s. Its handling is accessible due to its lightweight body.

Semi-hollow body

It combines the benefits of both hollow and solid bodies. Thus, it is ideal for learning guitar with a small amplifier.

The right way to buy your electric guitar? (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

Due to its light weight, electric guitars are ideal for all guitarists. To choose the one that suits you best, several selection criteria need to be considered by the musician. These include:

  • bodies
  • pickups
  • neck
  • number of strings
  • wood
  • body joint techniques

Selecting the guitar neck (Solar Guitars A2.6C G2)

The size of a neck can vary depending on the instrument. Although the difference is not so significant, it has an effect on string playability.

A short electric guitar neck

The strings being less tense and more flexible, playing is easier, as in the case of Les Paul guitars.

A long scale length

When the scale length of the guitar is longer, like that of Strat or Ibanez, string tension increases and their vibration is livelier.

The length of the electric guitar’s scale length

The scale length represents the vibrating dimension of the strings between the nut and bridge.
This dimension affects both sound and playing comfort.

In fact, a smaller scale length will feel softer to you.
The two reference scale lengths are Fender Strat at 25.50 inches and Gibson at 24.75″.